281. Synonym of Infringe is _____________?

A. Breach
B. Escape
C. Hard
D. Bound

282. ill-gotten meaning ?

A. No required
B. Taken through legal way
C. Acquired by illegal or unfair means
d. Very ill

283. Past Tense of ”Find” is________?

A. Find
B. Found
C. Founded
D. Both B and C

284. The_________ of war is expected very soon.

A. Cessation
B. Cession
C. Session
D. cession

285. Antonym of BRUSQUE is _____________?

A. Corrupt
B. Brash
C. energetic
D. Courteous

286. He is very poor. What is “Very” in this sentence?

A. Adjective
B. Noun
C. Adverb
D. None

287. One-Trick Pony means:

A. A person having one special feature, talent, or area of expertise
B. Doing work dishonesty
C. Unlawful propaganda
D. Clever planning for enemy

288. Nobody ________ that old man had fallen.

A. noted
B. knew
C. noticed
D. none of these

289. Afridi plays the Harmonium and the sitar is_______also.

A. Played
B. Played by he
C. Played by him
D. None of these

290. the killing of one’s mother called________?

A. Matricide
B. parricide
C. regicide
D. patricide