721. South Africa brushed ___________ the threat of tougher economic sanctions.
A. of
B. off
C. down
D. about

722. i think we are agreed on the main points. Does anyone want to bring ________ anything further.
A. Around
B. Down
C. About
D. Up

723. Synonym of Triumph is _____________?
A. Victory
B. Victim
C. Violence
D. Its Name of US President

724. Antonym of Harmonious is _____________?
A. Peaceful
B. Hostile
C. Dominant
D. Tuneful

725. Antonym of Elastic is _____________?
A. Yielding
B. Rigid
C. Mold-able
D. Supple

726. Synonym of Cajole is _____________?
A. Flattery
B. Embezzle
C. Knowledge
D. Satiate

727. Synonym of Cordial is _____________?
A. Unpleasant
B. Pleasant
C. Heart
D. Love

728. I am not concerned________his affairs.
A. To
B. With
C. At
D. on

729. She deprived her husband__________all he had.
A. With
B. To
C. Of
D. from

730. Choose the correct meaning of ENERVATE.
A. Weaken
B. Strengthen
C. Energetic
D. Excite