1391. Nodule

A. A Lump *
B. Scheme
C. Unit
D. Part of computer

1392. Nomenclature

A. Terminology *
B. Pseduonym
C. Stubborn
D. Basic Facts of matter

1393. Non-Proliferation

A. Absent
B. Adulterated
C. Noise Pollution
D. Limitation *

1394. Nonchalance

A. Unconcern *
B. Non-Classified
C. earnest endeavor
D. attentiveness

1395. Obdurate

A. Ambigious
B. Demoralized
C. Stubborn *
D. Inimitable

1396. Oblique

A. To the point
B. Rub out
C. Changing quickly
D. Indirect or eavasive *

1397. Oblivious

A. Forgetful *
B. Observant
C. Imminent
D. Indispensible

1398. Obsequious

A. Very Disagreeable
B. Excessively submissive *
C. Disrespectful
D. Observant

1399. Obviate

A. To point out
B. Make Unnecessary *
C. Indispensable
D. Slow to understand

1400. Occlude

A. Saturate
B. Defy
C. Reflect
D. Block *