Fill in the Blanks

2321. You must _______ enough evidence to ensure his conviction.

A. Hoard
B. Store
C. rallied
D. Accumulate *

2322. The government was ____ of incompetence.

A. Charged
B. Accused *
C. Impeached
D. Censured.

2323. The Jury_____ him of murder.

A. Discharged
B. Acquitted *
C. Absolved.

2324. You must _______ yourself to the new conditions.

A. Adopt
B. Adept
C. Adapt *
D. Convert.

2325. Face ______ with courage.

A. Misery
B. Poverty
C. Adversity *
D. Affliction

2326. The Govt must ______ the suffering of the people.

A. Ally
B. Allay *
C. Rid
D. Palliate

2327. The police arrested him and his one ________.

A. Friend
B. Colleague
C. Accomplice *
D. Operator

2328. HE _____ our help.

A. Resents *
B. Recants
C. Remove
D. Resign

2329. We will do our work ________.

A. latter
B. Later *
C. Long
D. After

2330. Here is a ______ for chocolate cake.

A. Receipt
B. Recipe *
C. Formula
D. Technique