641. The Synonyms of OBSTINATE is____________?
A. Agree
B. Scorn
C. Stubborn
D. Soft

642. The antonyms of Stale is____________?
A. Old
B. Fresh
C. Tale
D. Break

643. The Synonyms of Disdain is_____________?
A. love
B. Scorn
C. Accept
D. Luddite

644. The synonyms of Catastrophe is__________?
A. Built
B. Implement
C. Destruction
D. Fresh

645. When the doorbell rang, I was __________ my bath.
A. in
B. have
C. having
D. with

646. He ___________ as a teacher before he became a lecturer
A. have worked
B. had worked
C. was worked
D. have been worked

647. Our new digital photo-print machine, the manual ________is lost awaits to be set up properly.
A. of what
B. where
C. by whom
D. of which

648. __________ me to your mother when you are in London.
A. Tell
B. Remind
C. Remember
D. Greet

649. When I asked him ______ the keys , Bilal said he had no idea where they were.
A. if did he see
B. if he had seen
C. could he see
D. that he had seen

650. The boy I was about to meet _________ play a very important role in my life.
A. is going to
B. might have
C. would get to
D. has had to