2891. He got hold of the wrong end of the stick.

A. Committed a blunder
B. Misjudged a situation *
C. Fixed wrong priorities
D. Felt uneasy

2892. Discipline is on the wane in schools and colleges these days.

A. Increasing
B. Declining *
C. Spreading
D. Spiraling

2893. He was cool as a cucumber.

A. Nervous
B. Fainted
C. Dead
D. Calm and composed *

2894. Some of us are really in a catch-22 situation.

A. Absurd *
B. Dangerous
C. Hopeful
D. Depressive

2895. He took to heart the death of his wife as he was very much attached to her.

A. Was shocked by
B. Was ruined by
C. Was deeply affected by *
D. Was condoled

2896. As our army attacked the enemy retreated pell-mell.

A. Hurriedly
B. In a disorderly manner *
C. In a heap
D. Without the least thought

2897. In the organised society of today no individual or nation can plough a lonely furrow.

A. Remained unaffected
B. Do without the help of others. *
C. Survive in isolation
D. Remain Non-aligned

2898. He is a great hand at organising public meetings.

A. Very fond of
B. Expert at
C. Accustomed to *
D. Well qualified for

2899. Let us admit that we could not heap coals of fire on.

A. Agitate him
B. Incite him to a fight
C. Put him to shame *
D. Make him feel sorry

2900. Maryam was cocksure that she was able to do the job as desired.

A. Doubtful
B. Not able to imagine
C. least worried
D. Perfectly confident *