3151. It is _________ walk from here to the university :

A. Hour
B. An Hour
C. An Hour’s *
D. An Hours’

3152. The coast is _________ drive away :

A. Four hours
B. A four hour *
C. Four Hour
D. Four’s hour

3153. we climbed up the stairs to the ___________:

A. Building’s top
B. Building’s top
C. Top of building
D. Top of the building *

3154. A shelf of books is a ________:

A. Shelf full of books *
B. Shelf made from books
C. Shelf for putting books on
D. A shelf with no books on it

3155. Why should not _______ do as good a job as men do ?

A. Woman Pilot
B. Women Pilot
C. Woman pilots
D. Women Pilots *

3156. The horse has won lots of races. It is a champion ________.

A. Horserace
B. Racehorse *
C. Horses Race
D. Races Horse

3157. The________is high fighting spirit:

A. Player’s strong
B. Player’s strong
C. Player’s strenght *
D. Player’s strenght

3158. Which one of the following sentences is correct ?

A. This is jame’s car *
B. This is a jame’s car
C. This is a car of James
D. This is james car

3159. Which one is correct :

A. She broke a table’s leg
B. She broke the leg of the table *
C. She broke the table’s leg
D. She broke leg of table

3160. I hope to hear _______ soon:

A. A new
B. A news
C. Some new
D. Some news *