571. John said he __________to play at home.
A. would prefer
B. prefer
C. will prefer
D. had preferred

572. The housewife __________the cakes burning, and ran to switch off the oven.
A. smell
B. smells
C. smelt
D. smelling

573. If we go to the park, __________you like to come too ?
A. shall
B. are
C. would
D. am

574. When will you hand ____ your assignment?
A. in
B. back
C. down
D. into

575. I am very much __________to meet you.
A. delight
B. to delight
C. delighting
D. delighted

576. If I had helped him, he ____________drowned.
A. will not be
B. would not be
C. will not have
D. would not have

577. He has many friends, but _________are good ones.
A. a few
B. few
C. the few
D. the some

578. _________the rain forests is very important, if we do not want the flora and fauna found there to become extinct.
A. Reserving
B. Destroying
C. Preserving
D. Maintaining

579. That was __________movie I have ever seen.
A. worse
B. the worst
C. most worst
D. bad

580. I assume ______________with me.
A. every one agreeing
B. that every one agrees
C. every one to agree
D. that every one to agree