1471. Scrupulous

A. Annoying
B. Reckless
C. Conscientious
D. Devious

1472. Sedentary

A. Creative
B. Lazy
C. Inactive *
D. Pleasing

1473. Segment

A. Proportion *
B. Portion
C. Pice of Pottery
D. Decision

1474. Sententious

A. Exciting
B. Ready to argue
C. Pompous and morazlizing *
D. Carried away by emotions

1475. Sequel

A. Sound with a sharp note
B. Continuation *
C. Alternate
D. Complicated

1476. Serene

A. Happy
B. Calm and peaceful *
C. Smooth
D. Alluring

1477. Sever

A. To Damage
B. Twist
C. Cut off
D. Severe

1478. Sheath

A. Blade
B. Protective covering
C. An Unfolding *
D. Decayed

1479. Shenanigans

A. Sophisticated
B. Interference *
C. Mischievous nonsense
D. Bad weather

1480. Simile

A. Expose something
B. Discloses something
C. To comparison of one thing with another *
D. contains wisdom