921. Synonym of ” prevalence ” is _________?
A. Felony
B. Transgression
C. Sabotage
D. Commonness
E. Flouting

922. Synonym of ” Manoeuvre ” is _________?
A. Stultify
B. Intrigue
C. Stupefy
D. Fatigue

923. Synonym of ” Calm ” is _________?
A. Nervous
B. Serene
C. Agitated
D. Faint

924. Synonym of ” Affinity ” is _________?
A. Loathe
B. Aversion
C. Antipathy
D. Sympathy
E. Blood Relationship

925. Synonym of ” Kowtow ” is _________?
A. Prostrate
B. Debar
C. Nullify
D. Hoard
E. Blush

926. I’ve never __ to England.
A. Been
B. Went
C. Going
D. Go

927. Look! The bus ________.
A. Leaves
B. Leaving
C. Does leave
D. Is leaving

928. I didn’t ______ TV last night.
A. Not watched
B. Watched
C. Watch
D. Watching

929. _______there a restaurant near here?
A. Are
B. Have
C. Do
D. Is

930. Antonym of ” Heartfelt ” is _____________?
A. Loving
B. Insincere
C. Unhealthy
D. Humorous
E. Heartly