2651. To split hours

A. To sidetrack the issue
B. To quarrel over trifles
C. To indulge in over-refined arguments *
D. To find faults with others

2652. To wash one’s dirty linen in public

A. To criticise one’s nature in public
B. To quarrel in the open
C. To discuss dirty and scandalous matters of personal nature in the presence of strangers. *
D. To do some ugly work in public.

2653. A lady’s man

A. A woman-tailor
B. A lover of woman company *
C. A man working as per a lady’s directions
D. A timit husband

2654. To throw dust in one’s eye

A. To show false things
B. To make blind
C. To harm someone
D. To deceive *

2655. To be rolling in money.

A. Wasting a lot of money
B. Very rich *
C. Borrowing money liberally
D. Spending more than the income

2656. To get into hot waters

A. To be impatient
B. To suffer a huge financial loss
C. To get into trouble *
D. To be in a confused state of mind

2657. Will of the wisp

A. Anything which decieves
B. To act in a childish way
C. To act in a foolish way *
D. To have desires unbacked by efforts.

2658. To get into a scrape

A. To get into a muddle
B. To find oneself in an awkward predicament *
C. To get into irritating circumstances
D. To be trapped in a conspiracy

2659. To fly off the handle

A. To take off
B. To be indifferent
C. To dislocate
D. To lose one’s temper *

2660. To read between the lines.

A. To concentrate
B. To read carefully
C. To suspect
D. To grasp the hidden meaning *