61. I was alarmed_______his death.

A. by
B. at
C. upon
D. from

62. Which one of the following is most similar in meaning to SOPORIFIC?

A. Meteoric
B. Phlegmatic
C. Sadistic
D. Hypnotic

63. Synonym of “Yokel” is _______?

A. Crafty
B. Canny
C. bumpkin
D. Crave

64. Which one of the following word is most similar to ” characterized by or showing interest or concern”?

A. Forlorn
B. Delinquent
C. Solicitous
D. All of the above

65. Synonym of “Bibulous” is _______?

A. Huge
B. Boozy
C. Sottish
D. Both B & C

66. Antonym of ”Malaise” is ___________?

A. Despondency
B. Dejection
C. Restless
D. Comfort

67. Antonym of “filthy” is_________?

A. Clean
B. Grimy
C. Grubby
D. Putrid

68. Both parties must adhere ______ the terms of the contract.

A. In
B. By
C. On
D. To

69. I take exercise daily.

A. Exercise are taken daily by me.
B. Exercise is taken daily by me.
C. Exercise is being taken daily by me.
D. Exercise is been taken daily by me.

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