2711. To push somebody to the wall

A. To defeat him *
B. To humiliate him
C. To heckle him
D. To knock him down

2712. To be in two minds

A. To be dominated by someone else
B. To be uncertain *
C. To work one somebody else’s advice
D. To be in a critical state

2713. Leave one to sink or swim

A. To be in a dilemma
B. To leave to one’s fate
C. To put one in difficulty
D. Not to help one *

2714. To rip up old sores

A. To revive a quarrel which was almost forgotten *
B. To censure someone in strong terms
C. To strain one’s thought to the most
D. To preserve oneself from harm

2715. A square peg in a round hole

A. An impossible task
B. A scheme that never works
C. A person unsuited to the position he fills *
D. None of these

2716. To carry off the bell

A. To call others for help
B. To bag the first position
C. To steal all wealth and flee *
D. To trouble others.

2717. To live in clover

A. To live in great comfort and luxury *
B. To live a care free life
C. To be surrounded by cares and worries
D. To live in great difficulty

2718. Pin-Money

A. Bribery
B. Money paid for compensation
C. Alimony
D. Allowance made to a lady for her expenses *

2719. To keep the wolf away from the door.

A. To keep away from extreme poverty *
B. To keep off an unwanted and undesirable person
C. To keep alive
D. To hold the difficulties and dangers in check

2720. Get down to brass tacks

A. Start unravelling the mystery
B. Begin to discuss secret matters
C. Begin to talk in plain, straight forward terms *
D. Get into the thick of a problem