611. We shall go for a picnic if the weather ____________good.
A. is
B. was
C. has been
D. had been

612. In the test, we will ____________your work and then give you detailed feedback.
A. assess
B. judge
C. measure
D. check

613. The smoke went ________ the chimney.
A. by
B. in
C. up
D. on

614. She has only ________friends.
A. fewer
B. less
C. more
D. a few

615. He wore multiple bracelets on __________hand.
A. every
B. each
C. either
D. neither

616. I _________ to Islamabad with some friends last night.
A. have gone
B. went
C. am gone
D. am going

617. Army ___________troubled places as curfew remained in force.
A. moving
B. walking
C. patrolling
D. running

618. ____________you hear the President’s speech?
A. Have
B. Has
C. Had
D. Did

619. How much longer__________this book?
A. you are needing
B. will you be needing
C. will you have needing
D. have you needing

620. He decided to __________his degree examination in order to get a higher score.
A. redo
B. reappear
C. rewrite
D. remake