1441. Ratify

A. Negotiate
B. Denounce
C. Approve *
D. Challenge

1442. Rational

A. Guided by reason *
B. emotional
C. Sincere
D. logical

1443. Rationale

A. Practicality
B. Justification *
C. Random Choice
D. Baseless

1444. Rebuff

A. Insult
B. Polish
C. Snub *
D. Revise

1445. Reclamation

A. Passing a new law
B. Declaration *
C. Proposal
D. Recovering possession

1446. Reclusive

A. Elusive
B. Intelligent
C. Hermitlike *
D. Partyman

1447. Redundant

A. Unnecessary *
B. Defective
C. Overflowing
D. Turning back

1448. Regress

A. Renovate
B. Revert *
C. Apologize
D. Redress

1449. Rejoinder

A. Reply *
B. Outcome
C. Reconnect
D. Reminder

1450. Relegate

A. To Honor
B. Convey
C. Assign to an inferior prosition *
D. Assign an important task