1411. Perennial

A. Rare
B. Permanent *
C. Temporary
D. Trasnsferable

1412. Permeable

A. Porous *
B. Adaptable
C. Variable in Order
D. Long

1413. Perpetuate

A. Permanent
B. Peaceful
C. Continue *
D. Influence

1414. Persevere

A. To equalize
B. Persist
C. Deserve
D. Reserve *

1415. Pertinent

A. Close
B. Clear
C. Practicable
D. Relevant *

1416. Placate

A. Soothe *
B. Loathe
C. Settle
D. Forgive

1417. Placid

A. Calm *
B. Hard working
C. Boring
D. Rough

1418. Platitude

A. Clear
B. Freedom to behave
C. Concession
D. Commonplace *

1419. Platonic

A. Intellectual *
B. Peaceful
C. Constant
D. Dull

1420. Pledge

A. Plain
B. Rough
C. an Oath *
D. Playful