271. Synonym of Exemplify is _____________?

A. Reprehensible
B. Illustrate
C. Empty
D. Finish

272. Synonym of Infringe is _____________?

A. Breach
B. Escape
C. Hard
D. Bound

273. ill-gotten meaning?

A. No required
B. Taken through legal way
C. Acquired by illegal or unfair means
d. Very ill

274. Past Tense of” Find” is________?

A. Find
B. Found
C. Founded
D. Both B and C

275. The_________ of war is expected very soon.

A. Cessation
B. Cession
C. Session
D. cession

276. Synonym of PARAGON is _____________?

A. Model
B. Virtue
C. Square
D. None

277. Caravan : desert ::

A. Boat: Cruise
B. Book: Library
C. Midnight: Noon

278. Salutation: Farewell ::

A. Birth: Death
B. Army: Navy
C. Noon: Midnight
D. Lunch: Dinner

279. Synonym of Abrupt is _____________?

A. Sudden
B. Noisy
C. Calm
D All of these

280. Choose the correct spelling for the missing word: My ____________ needs to be paid every month.

A. Morgage
B. Morguage
C. Mortgage
D. Morgauge