2881. I am afraid his is burning the candle at both ends.

A. Putting in sustained effort.
B. Working at night also
C. Working hard
D. Overtaxing his energies *

2882. He always leads others up the garden path.

A. Befools others
B. Advises others to their advantage
C. Deceives others *
D. Worries others

2883. The great warrior ,held the enemy at bay but was killed in the end.

A. Prevented the enemy from coming too near *
B. Did not allow the enemy to attack his position
C. Launched a counter attack after initial success
D. Retreated initially but launched heavy attack after wards.

2884. The recent film “Khamoosh Rahoo” has trod to keep the pot of goers cinema.

A. To earn enough support
B. To force the authorities to reconsider
C. Keep the controversy alive *
D. None of these.

2885. In spite of the efforts of all peace-loving people, world peace is still a far cry.

A. An abstract ideal
B. A long way off *
C. An impracticable idea
D. Out of reach

2886. One should be prepared to get a bolt from the blue in life, but should not get unnerved by them

A. Sad experience
B. Un expected loss
C. Sudden shock *
D. Depreciation

2887. He will win this election hands down.

A. Win easily *
B. Win with a big margin
C. Win with a narrow margin
D. Scrape through

2888. He has been working on and off for several years on this research project.

A. At intervals *
B. Continuously
C. Rarely
D. Painstakingly

2889. He was a king who ruled his subjects with a high hand.

A. Oppressively *
B. Kindly
C. Conveniently
D. Democratically

2890. Those who make no bones about such actions face a tough opposition.

A. Invite no comments
B. Make no Plan
C. Do without hesitation *
D. Waste no time