11. Wow! Ah! Oh! and No! are usually used as________?

A. Preposition
B. Conjunction
C. Interjection
D. Adjective

 12. Antonym of Vagrant is _____________?

A. Derelcit
B. Wayfarer
C. Stable
D. Vagabond

 13. FAQ stands for __________ ?

A. Frequently Asked Questions
B. Favorite Asked Questions
C. Favorite and Answered Questions
D. Frequently Answered Questions

14. Have an Axe to Grind means:____________ ?

A. To use axe frequently
B. Selfish motive
C. To have a dispute with someone
D. To be fair with someone

15. Chose the correct meaning of idiom: Beat about the bush ?

A. Try to meet George Bush
B. To avoid the main topic
C. To make noise
D. To accompany someone in a jungle

16. The Chairman is ill and we’ll have to__________the meeting for a few days.

A. Put on
B. Put of
C. Put away
D. Put off

17. “Wow” is an example of_________?

A. Article
B. Conjunction
C. Interjection
D. Adverb

18.  isolation is most similar to__________?

A. Fear
B. Plenitude
C. Solitude
D. Disease

19. Contiguous is most similar to__________?

A. Catching
B. Divided
C. Adjoining
D. Circumstantial

20. Carte Blanche means:

A. Full discretionary powers 
B. blank thing
C. Going by the rules
D. wheel in the motion

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