2731. To hit the nail on the head

A. To hit the target
B. To catch someone napping
C. To guess right *
D. To settle the old score

2732. A bakers’ dozen

A. Twelve
B. Charity
C. Thirteen *
D. Allowance

2733. To have full hands

A. To be fully occupied *
B. To be rich
C. To be in lot of trouble
D. To lead an easy life

2734. To run amuck

A. To run a race
B. To run about in frenzy *
C. To feel exausted
D. TO run to somebody’s help

2735. A bull in a china shop

A. A person who is very ugle but loves the beautiful things of life.
B. A person who takes a sadistic delight in harming innocent people
C. A person who becomes too excited where not excitement is warranted.
D. A person who is rough and clumsy where skill and care are required . *

2736. By fair means or foul

A. Without using common sense
B. Without difficulty
C. In any way, honest or dishonest *
D. Having been instigated

2737. To look down one’s nose at

A. To backbite
B. To show anger
C. To insult in the presence of others
D. To regard with hall-hidden displeasure or contempt *

2738. Hard- pressed

A. Bewildered
B. Insulted
C. Hard discipline
D. In difficulties *

2739. To be at one’s figners’s end

A. To be hopeless
B. To be highly perplexed
C. To be completely conversant with *
D. To count things

2740. To pull strings

A. To exert hidden influence *
B. To tease someone
C. TO speed up
D. To start something