2671. To worship the rising sun.

A. To honour a man who is coming into office. *
B. To honour the promising people
C. To indulge in flattery
D. To welcome the coming events.

2672. To disabuse one’s mind

A. To conceal something
B. To remove a misapprehension
C. To banish from one’s mind a thought.
D. To proceed cautiously so as to avoid risks and dangers.

2673. A storm in a teacup

A. Unexpected event.
B. a danger signal
C. Much excitement over something trivia *
D. A great noise

2674. To play fast and loose.

A. To beguile others
B. To be winning sometimes and losing at other times.
C. To play someone’s feelings
D. To play tricks *

2675. To tempt providence

A. To invite punishment
B. To achieve a fortune
C. To take reckless risks *
D. To have GOD’s favour

2676. To haul over the coals

A. To put hand in a wrong task.
B. To throw into the fire.
C. To put the task *
D. To say the wrong words

2677. To put the cart before the horse

A. To offer a person what he cannot eat
B. To force a person to do something
C. To raise obstacles
D. To reverse the natural order of things *

2678. To accept the Gauntlet.

A. To accept defeat
B. To accept a challenge *
C. To suffer humiliations
D. To accept an honour.

2679. To give currency

A. To bestow importance
B. To misinterpret
C. To make publicly known *
D. To originate

2680. French leave

A. Long absence
B. Leave on the pretext of illness
C. Casual leave
D. Absence without permission *