1381. Mitigate

A. Humiliate
B. Lessen *
C. Simplify
D. Resolve

1382. Mockery

A. Distrust
B. Ludatory
C. Ridicule *
D. Respect

1383. Module

A. Outline
B. Mondernize
C. Imitation
D. Standardized *

1384. Modus Vivendi

A. Way of getting along *
B. To change
C. Compromise
D. Modest Character

1385. Molify

A. Sweeten *
B. Appease
C. Applaud
D. Worry

1386. Morose

A. Calm
B. Gloomy *
C. Misty
D. Damp

1387. Muster

A. Pledge
B. Fake
C. Display
D. Gather *

1388. Muted

A. Fondle
B. Muffled *
C. Hypothetical
D. Noisy

1389. Nascent

A. Developing *
B. Measurable
C. Well regarded
D. Informative

1390. Nettlesome

A. Soothing
B. Irritating *
C. Befuddled
D. Eccentri