921. NATO is a/an __________ alliance.
(A) military
(B) economic
(C) regional
(D) cultural

922. The oldest news agency in the world is?

923. The Suez Canal is in

(A) Nigeria
(B) Libya
(C) Egypt
(D) Palestine

924. The Delaware river is in
(A) United States
(B) Canada
(C) China
(D) United Kingdom

925. The main structural work of the Eiffel Tower was completed in
(A) 1883
(B) 1885
(C) 1887
(D) 1889

926. The height of Eiffel Tower is __________ feet.
(A) 1063
(B) 1067
(C) 1073
(D) 1077

927. Reuters is the news agency of
(A) United States
(B) United Kingdom
(C) France
(D) Germany

928. WAFA is the news agency of
(A) Palestine
(B) Iraq
(C) Qatar
(D) Egypt

929. The capital of Saudi Arabia is

(A) Makkah
(B) Madina
(C) Taif
(D) Riyadh

930. The currency of Qatar is

(A) Dollar
(B) Dinar
(C) Dirham
(D) Riyal