1101.The “Kitab-fi-Tahqiq” was written by ________ ?
A. Firoz Shah
B. Al-beruni
C. Firozbadi
D. Isami

1102. How many white stars have on Flag of Tennessee the state of US?
A One Star
B. Two Stars
C. Three Stars
D. Four Stars

1103. How many white stars have on Flag of Mississippi the state of US?
A. 12 Stars
B. 13 Stars
C. 15 Stars
D. 17 Stars

1104. Which is the national flower of South Korea?
A. King Protea
B. Rose Of Sharon
C. Water Lily
D. Carnation

1105. Which is the national flower of Slovenia?
A. Rose
B. Lily
C. Carnation
D. Golden Rose

1106. ” DIA ” is the intelligence agency of ________ ?
A. U.K
B. Turkey
C. U.S
D. Australia

1107. The Novel ” Great Expectations ” was written by ________ ?
A. Charles Dickens
B. Thomas Hardy
C. Jane Austen
D. Henry Fielding

1108. The Novel ” Madame Bovary ” was written by ________ ?
A. Leo Tolstoy
B. James Joyce
C. E.M. Forster
D. Gustave Flaubert

1109. ” Bir Shrestho ” is the highest military award of ________ ?
A. South Africa
B. South Korea
C. Sri Lanka
D. Bangladesh

1110. ” Rafina” is one of the famous seaport of ________ ?
A. Italy
B. Turkey
C. Argentina
D. Greece