2111. Taj Mahal was constructed as his queen mausoleum by:

a. Shah jehan, india agra city *
b. Jehangir
c. Akbar
d. Bahadur Shah Zafar

2112. The Millennial Movement was launched against:

a. The Mughals *
b. The British
c. The Mahrattas
d. The Muslims

2113. Name the parliament of Australia?

a. Federal Parliament or commonwealth parliament *
b. National Congress
c. Parliament
d. National assembly

2114. Which of the following is Japan Airline?

a. JAL *
b. Air Japan
c. Aero Japan
d. Japan Air

2115. Which is the Pakistan biggest export item?

a. Rice
b. Sports and surgical goods
c. Leather garments
d. Cotton/textile *

2116. Tashkent conference was held in which country

a. Tajikistan
b. Turkmenistan
c. Uzbekistan *
d. Kirghizstan

2117. China news Agency is
b. CAN
c. NCNA *
d. CNT

2118. Which of the following intelligence agency is known as” THE FIRM”?

a. CIA
b. MI6 *
c. MI5
d. Scotland yard

2119 . Finite automata can recognizes:

a. Any language
b. Regular language
c. Context sensitive language
d. Context free language

2120. After how many years is the OIC summit

a. 1 year
b. 3years *
c. 4years
d. 2years