1841. Name the country with the largest natural gas reserves?

A. India
B. Canada
C. Russia *
D. Italy

1842. Which is the most spoken language of the world?

A. French
B. Chinese *
C. English
D. Spanish

1843. The largest automobile manufacturing center in the world is located in at ________.

A. Detroit *
B. Tokyo
C. Birmingham
D. Frankfurt

1844. The largest postal network in the world is in _________.

A. USA *
B. China
C. India
D. Brazil

1845. The first railway line was laid in _________

B. England *
C. China
D. Germany

1846. The largest man made canal in the world is ________.

A. Rhine Canal
B. Suez Canal
C. Panama Canal *
D. None of them

1847. The longest optical fibre cable of the world is landed between_______.

A. Paris and Tokyou
B. London and New York *
C. Singapore and Marseilles
D. Manila and Toronto

1848. Who produced the first automobile?

A. Gotlieb Daimler
B. Henry Furd *
C. Rudolf diesel
D. Carl Benz

1849. The world’s freest economy, with lowest taxes and lack of trade barriers is that of _______.

A. Hong Kong
B. Ireland
C. Newzeland
D. Singapore

1850. The world’s largest nuclear power station is situated in _________.

A. Ukraine
B. Canada *
C. France
D. None of the above