2541. The percentage of radiant energy, reflected back by a surface is called :

A. Albedo *
B. Insolation
C. Greenhouse effect
D. Refraction

2542. An approach of reasoning from particular to general is known as :

A. Positivist
B. Normative
C. Inductive *
D. Deductive

2543. Which one of the following is a third order relief ?

A. Abyssal plains
B. Cliffs *
C. Plateau
D. Trench

2544. In which of the following projection , scale is correct along 45 Degree latitude ?

A. Equal area cylindrical projection
B. Gall’s projection *
C. Mercator’s projection
D. Mollweide’s projection

2545. Which country is adjacent to panama ?

A. Nicaragua
B. Ecuador
C. El Salvador
D. Costa Rica *

2546. When do you find the Moho ( The Mohorovicic discontinuity ?

A. Between the inner and outer core
B. Between the outer core and the mantle
C. Between the inner core and the mantle
D. Between the mantle and the crust *

2547. Which country has both English and Quechua as official language ?

A. Bolivia
B. Peru *
C. Colombia
D. Argentina

2548. Which southeast asian country was the only to no have been colonized by a european country ?

A. Cambodia
B. Laos
C. Malaysia
D. Thailand *

2549. Which country’s citizens spend the most on tourism (aggregate)?

A. United states
B. Germany *
C. Japan
D. United Kingdom

2550. The Horizontal distribution of temperature of ocean water is largely affected by :

A. Ocean currents
B. Latitude
C. Prevailing winds
D. All of these *