751. Indus valley civilization was destroyed by_________?

A. Mongols
B. Aryans
C. Mamluks
D. None of these

752. A.S Hornsby is famous for ________ ?

A. Writing poems
B. Writing songs
C. Writing text books
D. Writing dictionaries

753. Of the following who is the most translated author of the World?

A. Leo Tolstoy
B. Agatha Cristie
C. V.I. Lenin
D. Mao Tse Tung

754. Who is called the Master Builder?

A. Akbar
B. Shah Jehan
C. Aurangzeb
D. None

755. Who was the only Laureate to refuse the Nobel Prize?

A. Leo Tolstoy
B. Jea- Paul Sartre
C. Aldous Huxley
D. Boris Pasternauk

756. Which is the National Flower of Maldives?

A. Bunga Raya
B. Red Rose
C. Maltese Centaury
D. Pink Rose

757. Napoleon Bonaparte was a __________ military and political leader.

A. Austrian
B. German
C. French
D. American

758. Which of the following is considered the first great work in world literature ___________?

A. Divine Comedy
B. Epic of Gilgamesh
C. Brother Karamazov
D. Anna Karenina

759. Belligerents of Battle of Salamis were____________ ?

A. Romans and Mithradates
B. Phoenicians and Romans
C. Greeks and Persians
D. Spartans and Macedonians

760. Who abolished slavery in America?

A. George Washington
B. Abraham Lincoln
C. John Tyler
D. None of these