1851. The world’s largest uranium producer country is ________.

B. Canada *
C. China
D. France

1852. The world’s largest suspension bridge is ____________.

A. Akashi bridge – Japan
B. Golden Bridge- USA *
C. Humber Bridge- England
D. Great belt east bridge- Denmark

1853. The world’s longest glacier “Lambert” is located in _______.

A. North america
B. Asia
C. Antarctica *
D. Europe

1854. The first country in the world to impose a complete ban on the sale of all forms of tobacco is ______

A. Nepal
B. Srilanka
C. Bhuttan
D. Singapore *

1855.”Lake mead” in Arizona , USA is the world’s largest_______

A. Salt water lake
B. Fresh water lake
C. Artificial Lake *
D. Warm water lake

1856. Who was appointed first muslim woman judge in America?

A. Charlen mekled *
B. Zubaida Begum
C. Kalida faizal
D. Effat Aashiq

1857. Which is the worlds’ First stock exchange market?

A. New York
B. Amsterdam
C. Hamburg *
D. London

1858. The oldest written language is_________.

A. Egyption
B. English
C. Sanskrit
D. Chinese *

1859. The world’s largest undersea railway tunnel has been constructed between________.

A. Canada and USA
B. England and France *
C. Russia and Japan
D. China and Taiwan

1860. Which country of Asia has the largest number of internet users?

A. Japan
B. China *
C. Pakistan
D. India

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