1861. Who was the first person to fly across the english channel ?

A. Charles limbaugh
B. Roger Albriet
C. Wilbur weight
D. Louis Bleriot *

1862. Which was the first country to give women a right to vote in 1893?

A. Unites states
B. Denmark
C. Austria
D. New Zealand *

1863. Name the bank which started issuing travellers cheques tfor the first time in 1891?

A. Charted Bank
B. Barclays Bank
C. American Express *
D. City Bank

1864. Which is the largest mobile service in pakistan ?

A. Ufone
B. Warid
C. Mobilink *
D. Telenor

1865. Telenor mobile company belongs to _________.

A. Norway *
B. Sweden
C. Canada
D. India

1866. Who was the first tennis player to win the grand slam?

A. Don budge
B. Alice Marble *
C. Fred perry
D. Helen Jacobs

1867. Which of the following tennis player has won the wimbledon singles championship five consecutive times ?

A. Bjorn Borg *
B. Pete sampras
C. Steffi graf
D. Billie jean king

1868. Which is the longest animal in the world- It can grow up to 100 Feet (31 m)?

A. Blue whale *
B. Hippopotamus
C. African tiger
D. Rhinoceros

1869. Of the following busiest ocean trade route is _______.

A. Cape route
B. North atlantic route *
C. Panama Canal
D. Suez Canal

1870. Highest scores in one day cricket match are ________.

A. 444 Runs *
B. 408 Runs
C. 434 Runs
D. 438 Runs