1901. Gibraltar is known as ___________.

A. Smallest Colony *
B. Largest Colony
C. Most dense Colony
D. Least Dense Colony

1902. In which of the following countries are the world’s highest waterfalls located?

A. Canada
B. Laos
C. Venezuela *
D. Britain

1903. The largest islands in the world is __________.

A. Kalaallit Nunaal ( Formerly Greenland)
B. Caribbean
C. Andamans and Nicobar
D. Srilanka

1904. Which country has oldest anthem of the world?

A. China
D. Japan *

1905. Which is the largest of known animals?

A. Elephant
B. Baleen Whale
C. Whale Shark
D. Blue Whale *

1906. Which is the largest continent of the world?

A. America
B. Asia *
C. Europe
D. Australia

1907. Area with the least sun shine is ___________.

A. South Pole *
B. North Pole
C. Adriatic
D. None of them

1908. Which is the second highest mountain peak in the world?

A. Mount Everest
B. K-2 *
C. Lhotse
D. Nanga Parbat

1909. The second highest mountain peak Goodwin Austen in the world is located in _________.

A. Nepal
B. Pakistan *
C. Bhutan
D. China

1910. What is the height of the highest peak Mount Everest ?

A. 8255 M
B. 8695 M
C. 8715 M
D. 8848 M *