1571. The only planet whose day is longer than its year is:

A. mars
B. venus *
C. uranus
D. neptune

1572. Which of the following conditions is most relevant for the presence of life on Mars?

A. atmospheric composition
B. thermal conditions
C. occurrence of ice caps and frozen water
D. occurrence of ozone *

1573. The mean distance from the earth to the sun is _____

A. 450 million km
B. 250 million km
C. 150 million km *
D. 14 millon km

1574. Which of the following planets contain the ” Great Red Spot” ?

A. saturn
B. mars
C. jupiter *
D. pluto

1575. “Blue dwarfs” and “red giants” refer respectively to ______

A. pimies and the caucasians
B. young stars and old stars *
C. old stars abd young stara
D. native and hybrid varieties of milch cattle

1576. The first ever artifical satellite was launched by:

A. russia *
B. france
C. japan
D. america

1577. The first ever artificial satellite was launched on:

A. october 4, 1951
B. october 4, 1961
C. october 4, 1957 *
D. october 4, 1967

1578. America launched its first space station in the year:

A. 1963
B. 1969
C. 1973 *
D. 1978

1579. In 1979 on returning back to earth’s atmosphere a satellite broken into pieces is

A. sputnik
B. skylab *
C. apollo – ll
D. rahber

1580. In 1986 Russia launched its space stations into space which was:

A. sputnik
B. rahber
C. mir *
D. skylab – ll