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221. China lies to the ________ of Pakistan ?

A. East
B. West
C. North
D. South

222. India is located in the _______ side of the Pakistan ?

A. North
B. West
C. East
D. South

223. Luxor is the city of___________?

A. Luxembourg
B. Israel
C. Egypt
D. Finland

224. King of which country abdicated in favor of his son?

A. Nepal
B. Spain
C. Japan
D. None of these

225. Windhoek is the capital of__________?

A. Namibia
B. Niger
C. Chad
D. Ghana

226. Which of the following city served as capital of Kazakhstan till 1997?

A. Astana
B. Almaty
C. Baku
D. Tashkent

227. Bermuda Triangle is located in__________?

A. North Atlantic Ocean
B. South Atlantic Ocean
C. Pacific Ocean
D. Arabian Sea

228. Black Lives Matter (BLM) Movement started on ___________?

A.11 July 2013
B.12 July 2013
C.13 July 2013
D.15 July 2013

229. Which among the following is known as Asia a version of “Noble prize”?

A. Ramon Magsaysay Award
B. Booker Prize
C. Pulitzer Prize
D. None of them

230. Every year,the world Elder abuse awareness Day is celebrated on____________?

A. March 23
B. June 15
C. December 10
D. April 8