1941. Name the smallest sea of the world___________.

A. Mediterranean sea *
B. Baltic Sea
C. Red Sea
D. Bering Sea

1942. Which is the coldest place of the world?

A. La Paz (Bolivia)
B. Waimangu(New zeland)
C. Verkhoyask(Russia)
D. Vostok (Antarctica) *

1943. Which is the driest place of the world?

A. Tripoli(Libya)
B. Death Valley(California) *
C. Jacobabad( Pakistan)
D. Azizia( Libya)

1944. Name the hottest place of the world___________.

A. Death Valley (USA)
B. Jacobabad( Pakistan)
C. Azizia( Libya) *
D. None of them

1945. What is the seating capacity of starho stadium which is the largest stadium of the world?

A. 2,20,000
B, 2,60,000
C. 2,40,000 *
D. 2,05,000

1946. Which of the following is the name of the smallest part of the matter discovered by the scientists?

A. Proton
B. Neutron
C. Positron
D. Quark *

1947. Which of the following is the longest platform of the world?

A. The loop (USA) *
B. Khargpur (India)
C. Storuik ( Sweden)
D. Sonepur (India)

1948. Name the longest rail tunnel of the world___________.

A. Channel (UK)
B. Seikan (Japan) *
C. Shimizu (Japan)
D. Rokko (Japan)

1949. Which is the tallest building of the world with a height of 829 Meters?

A. Sangamdong seoul( North Korea)
B. Chongquing (China)
C. Patronas Tower (Malaysia)
D. Burj Khalifa (UAE) *

1950. Name the longest glacier of the world ___________.

A. Alberta (Canada)
B. Tiber (China)
C. Lambart (Antarctica) *
D. Titicaca( Bolivia)