1441. Dasht-e-lut desert is located in ___________________________?

A. China
B. Libya
C. Turmenistan
D. Iran *

1442. The Great Bear lake is situated in ______________?

A. Nother america
B. Canada *
C. Siberia
D. None of these

1443. Volcanic Mt.Etna is located in ______________________________?

A. Hawai (USA)
B. Indonesia
C. Italy(Sicily) 
D. Kenya

1444. A Famous Natural bridge is located in _____________?

A. Virginia *
B. Vermont
C. Maine
D. Washington

1445. Sinkhole lakes are commmon in ________________?

A. Newyork (USA)
B. Florida (USA)
C. Michigan(USA) *
D. Virginia(USA)

1446. Red River is present in_________________?

A. USA *
B. Canada
D. Mexico

1447. The most severe storm is _______________?

A. Hurricane
B. Tornado *
C. Typhone
D. None of these

1448. Fujiyama in japan is a _______________?

A. River.
B. Lake
C. Volano mountain *
D. Plain

1449. Mount Nuove is found in ____________?

A. Yellow stone park (USA)
B. Naples in Italy *
C. Nepal
D. India

1450.The World’s highest lake is ____________?

A. Lake Baikal, Asia
B. Lake Titicaca, South America *
C. Lake Como, Europe
D. Caspian Lake