2411. Which one of the following soils found in pakistan is the most useful for agriculture ?

A. Black or regur soil
B. Alluvial soil *
C. Red and Yellow soil
D. Marshy soil

2412. What type of trees are found in the monsoon region ?

A. Broad leaf deciduous trees *
B. Evergreen trees
C. Confiers
D. Thomy bushes

2413. What type of climate is required for sugarcane ?

A. Dry and hot
B. Hot and wet *
C. Cold and dry
D. Cold and wet

2414. Which of the following is an igneous rocks ?

A. Limestone
B. Slate
C. Marble
D. Basalt *

2415. Wet climate is suitable for cotton textile industry because :

A. Cotton yarn cannot be spun successfully under dry conditons *
B. The efficiency of the workers increases
C. The rate of damage of machinery is decreased
D. None of these

2416. What is the rank of india population wise ?

A. Second *
B. First
C. Third
D. None

2417. Which one of the following is used for measurng the speed of wind ?

A. Hygrometer
B. Barometer
C. Anemometer *
D. Thermometer

2418. What is the chief characteristic of moonsoon climate ?

A. Daily range of temperature very high
B. Complete reversal of wind direction with the change of season *
C. Annual range of temperature very high
D. Heavy rainfall mainly during winter

2419. Soils are usually formed by the process of :

A. Erosion
B. Deposition
C. Denudation
D. Weathering *

2420. Where would you find the infamous Maelstrom current ?

A. Mediterranean sea
B. Baltic sea
C. North Sea
D. Norwegian sea *