2071. The Government of the people by the people and for the people is called ____________.

A. Kingdom
B. Democracy *
C. Dictatorship
D. Autocracy

2072. David Cameron, Britain Prime Minister belongs to ______________ Party.

A. Conservative *
B. Democratic
C. Labour
D. Peoples

2073. Pentagon is the Military head quarter of ___________.

B. USA *
C. Russia
D. China

2074. Which century is known as ” The age of reason”?

A. 12Th
B. 20Th
C. 16Th
D. 18Th *

2075. which of the following countries had the nuclear capability but after gaining independence gave up their nuclear capability?

A. Belarus
B. Kazakistan
C. Ukraine
D. All of them *

2076. Which of the following countries is not an acknowledged nuclear power?

A. Pakistan
B. India
C. Israel *
D. All of them

2077. Which of the following countries had constructed, but voluntarily dismantled 6 Uranium bombs?

A. North Korea
B. South Korea *
C. Israel
D. None of them

2078. British relinquished the control of hong kong and thus it became the part of china on ______.

A. July 1997 *
B. Sep 1996
C. May 1995
D. Dec 1998

2079. Euro Currency was launched in ___________

A. January 1997
B. March 2000
C. Ferbruary 1998
D. January 1999 *

2080. Portugal handed over Macao to china on ____________.

A. September 1998
B. December 1999 *
C. July 1996
D. August 1997

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