1691. Which is the second highest pass in world situated in Myanmar with the height of 15300 fet is__________.

A. Namni pass *
B. Col de Rstefond
C. Donner pass
D. Myanmar Pass

1692.Col de restefond is a mountain pass situated in____________.

B. France-Spain
C. Italy-Spain
D. France *

1693. Great St Bernard is a mountain pass situated in ______________.

A. Italy-France
B. Italy-Switzerland *
C. United Kingdom
D. USA-Canada

1694. Taklamakan desert is situated in ______________________.

A. China *
B. Russia
C. India
D. Congo

1695. “Riksdag” is the name of the parliament of ______.

A. Iran
B. Iraq
C. Sweden *
D. United states

1696. China’s parliament has the largest membership name its parliament_____.

A. National assembly
B. National people’s congress *
C. People’s assembly
D. People’s congress

1697. Name the parliament of Japan____________.

A. National Congress
B. Diet *
C. Federal Parliament
D. National Assembly

1698. What is the name of Bangladesh Parliament ?

A. Tsongdu
B. Jatiya sangshad *
C. Shergo
D. Majlis

1699. Parliament of Srilank is called____________.

A. Federal Congress
B. Peopl’es Congress
C. Parliament *
D. National congress

1700. Which of the following is the parliament of Indonesia?

A. People’s Consultative assembly *
B. Majlis
C. Shoora
D. Congress