1081. Who started the construction of Colosseum in Rome?
A. Nero
B. Vespasian
C. Titus
D. Domitian

1082. ” Gila river ” is located in ___________?
A. Canada
B. South Africa
C. Iraq

1083. When did the New York Stock Exchange opens its first permanent headquarters near Wall Street in New York City.
A. 3 January 1865
B. 4 January 1865
C. 5 January 1877
D. 6 January 1879

1084. When did Great Britain enters the Seven Years War against Spain and Naples?
A. 3 January 1761
B. 4 January 1762
C. 7 April 1763
D. None of these

1085. ‘Leaves of Grass’ was written by ___________ ?
A. Shelley
B. Long Lellow
C. Frost
D. Walt Whitman

1086. Which one of the following is the intelligence agency of Canada ________ ?
A. Security Intelligence Review Committee
B. Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP)
C. Criminal Intelligence Service Canada (CSIC)
D. Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS)
E. All of these

1087. ” Center for Research on National Security (CISEN) ” is intelligence agency of ________ ?
A. Argentina
B. Brazil
C. Peru
D. Mexico

1088. Which is the national flower of Germany?
A. Bougainvillea
B. Cornflower
C. Candytuft
D. Victoria Regia Lily

1089. “Port of Tanjung Priok” is the famous seaport of ________ ?
A. Bangladesh
B. Myanmar
C. Indonesia
D. Turkey

1090. Martinique is a island of which country?
A. Germany
C. France