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11. “Zulu” is the prominent tribe of____________?

A. East Malaysia
B. Zambia
C. Congo
D. South Africa

12. Which of the following is not Olympic Sport?

A. Swimming
B. Badminton
C. Cricket
D. Fencing

13. Headquarter of the International Monetary Fund is in___________?

A. Cape town
B. Berlin
C. Washington
D. Geneva

14. How many points are in badminton Game?

A. 11
B. 31
C. 41
D. 21

15. Weigh of Javelin throw of female is___________?

A. 400 g
B. 800 g
C. 600 g
D. None of these

16. In which region New Zealand is situated?

A. Eastern Europe
B. Australia
C. Oceania
D. None of these

17. The Police Martyrs Day is observed on __________ in Pakistan?

A. August 01
B. August 02
C. August 04
D. None of these

18. International Day of Friendship is observed globally on __________?

A. 29 July
B. 30 July
C. 31 July
D. None of Above

19. The headquarter of European Court of Justice (ECJ) are situated at__________?

A. Luxembourg
B. Paris
C. Strasbourg (France)
D. San Jose, Costa Rica

20. The headquarter of ESCAP (Economic and Social Commission for Asia) are situated at ?

A. Geneva
B. Bangkok
C. Santiago
D. None of Above