2211. What is the total lenght of first railway track?

A. 85 KM
B. 97 KM
C. 115 KM
D. 169 KM *

2212. What is the total lenght of track of Pakistan Railway?

A. 7791 KM Long *
B. 9931 KM Long
C. 1113 KM Long
D. 1415 KM Long

2213. Karakoram Highway connects Pakistan With________.

A. India
B. Iran
C. China *
D. Afghanistan

2214. What is the total lenght of Gwadar Motarway ?

A. 605 KM
B. 805 KM *
C. 933 KM
D. 1105 KM

2215. What is the total lenght of Lahore- Islamabad Motorway?

A. 233 KM
B. 297 KM
C. 335 KM
D. 370 KM *

2216. Abdul Qadeer Khan nuclear research laboratories was set up in Kahuta in________.

A. 1975
B. 1976 *
C. 1977
D. 1978

2217. Toot Oil and Natural gas field is located in ______.

A. Punjab *
B. Sindh
D. Balochistan

2218. Pakistan Placed in the world population -wise on ______ Number.

A. 8th
B. 10th
C. 11th
D. 6th *

2219. In the East Pakistan the election 1970 were swept by______.

A. Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto
B. Bhashan
C. Mujeeb-ur-rehman *
D. Maulana Mauduol

2220. The Oscar Award winning film “Slumdog Millionaire” is based on the book “Q and A” written by________.

A. Hanif Qureishi
B. Shashi Tharor
C. Vika Swarup *
D. None of above