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191. The Headquarter of OLX Group Company located in ___________?

A. New York, United states
B. Islamabad, Pakistan
C. Dubai, UAE
D. Hoofddorp, Netherlands

192. The Parliament of the Malaysia is_______?

A. Folketing
B. Doma
C. Dewan Rakyat
D. Yuan

193. The real name of K.K Aziz a historian was_________?

A. Kamal Khan Aziz
B. Khursheed Kamal Aziz
C. Kareem Khaliq Aziz
D. None of Above

194. The United Nations observes ___________ as International Widows Day.

A. 25th June
B. 23rd June
C. 28th June
D. 21st June

195. The currency of Brazil is__________?

A. Euro
B. Peso
C. Real
D. Dinar

196. Fathers Day 2020 Celebrated on ____________?

A. 20 June
B. 21 June
C. 22 June
D. 23 June

197. Marathon a long distance foot rare has an official distance of ___________?

A. 22.2 miles
B. 28.3 miles
C. 30.4 miles
D. 26.2 miles

198. Qawali was introduced in the 13th century by___________ ?

A. Fateh Ali Khan
B. Qutubudain
C. Amir Khusru
D. None of these

199. Formosa is the old name of __________?

A. Mongolia
B. Thailand
C. Japan
D. Taiwan

200. In which country paper was first invented?

A. America
B.  Russia
C.  China
D.  Bangladesh

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