551. The Capital of Zimbabwe is __________ ?

A. Lusaka
B. Pretoria
C. Sanna
D. Harare 

552. Which is the national flower of Turkey ?

A. Sunflower
B. Tulip
C. Tudor Rose
D. Lily

553. Who has won the most Academy awards?

A. James cameron
B. Katherine Hapburn
C. Walt Disney
D. None of these

554. Taj Mahal features a perfect blend of Islamic indian & _________architecture style?

A. Persian
B. Italian
C. French
D. British

555. Paris is known as the city of__________?

A. Light
B. Love
C. Bridges
D. Fragrance

556. What is the shape of the shangrila lake in pakistan?

A. Circle
B. Heart
C. Triangle
D. Tear drop

557. Churna island is best known for which activity?

A. Surfing
B. Fly Boarding
C. Snorkeling
D. Wake Boarding

558. The Capital of Zambia is __________ ?

A. Harare
B. Apia
C. Lusaka
D. Hanoi

559. The Capital of Samoa is __________ ?

A. Mayotte
B. Caracas
C. Montevideo
D. Apia 

560. The Capital of Kosovo is __________ ?

A. Port Vila
B. Sana’a
C. Apia
D. Pristina