2021. Which is the longest street in the world?

A. Yonae Street, Canada *
B. Sharite Liza, Paris
C. Broad way, USA
D. Baldusin Street, Newzeland

2022. Who is the first tourist in space?

A. Lewis Carol
B. J.D. Sallinger
C. Austin Deyer
D. Dennis Tito *

2023. Which is the Freest economy of the world with lowest taxes and lack of trader barriers?

B. Singapore *
C. Dubai
D. China

2024. Which country for the first time created the post of ” Ombudsman” ?

A. Switzerland
B. England
C. Australia
D. Sweden *

2025. The first muslim woman president of UN General assembly is ?

A. Ayesha Batool, Bangladesh
B. Khalid Razi, Malaysia
C. Erim Tougil, Turkey
D. Haya Rashid Al Khalifa, Bahrain *

2026. Which is the longest canal in the world?

A. Erie, USA
B. Grand Canal, China
C. Pavano Canal, Pensue
D. Beloyemore Baltic

2027. The longest frontier is between which countries?

A. USA and Canada *
B. Afghanistan and pakistan
C. Russia and azerbaijan
D. Usa and Mexico

2028. Which is the loudest animal in the world with 198 decibels?

A. African Lion
B. Brazilian Blue Monkey
C. White head eagle
D. Blue whales *

2029. Which is the largest bell in the world?

A. Tsar Kolkol at Kremlin Moscow *
B. Big ben, London
C. Rose merry, Brazil
D. Vatican City

2030. The biggest stadium in the world is _____________.

A. Rungrado Ist N May Stadium, Pyonyong
B. Michigan Stadium, Michigan
C. Strahov Stadium, Prague *
D. Beaver Stadium, Pennsylvania *