2421. Which soil differs from the other three in its formation?

A. Regur *
B. Bhabar
C. Bangar
D. Khadar

2422. Which of these is young folded mountain ?

A. The Himalayas *
B. The Vindhyas
C. The Nilgiris
D. Western Ghats

2423. Which of the following is not a mineral ?

A. Slate *
B. Limestone
C. Coal
D. Calcite

2424. We generally measure the depth of the sea in:

A. Feet
B. Fathoms *
C. Metres
D. Nautical miles

2425. Hanging valleys are formed due to the acton of :

A. Volcanic eruption
B. Glacier *
C. waves of ocean
D. River

2426. The phases of moon are caused by :

A. The rotation of the earth
B. The rotation of the moon *
C. The revolution of the earth
D. Teh revolution of the moon

2427. The average time interval between successive high tide and low tide is :

A. 12 hours and 26 minutes
B. 6 hours and 12 minutes
C. 24 hours and 52 minutes *
D. 50 minutes

2428. Between which two countries does the sea of Azov lie ?

A. Ukraine-Russia *
B. Russia-Kazakistan
C. Turkey-Georgia
D. Kazakistan-Turkmenistan

2429. An area which has not been glaciated may show :

A. Hanging valleys
B. Corries and pyramid peaks
C. Drumlins
D. V-shaped valleys *

2430. Israel has common borders with :

A. Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, and Egypt *
B. Lebanon, Syria, Turkey, and Jordan
C. Cyprus, Turkey, Jordan and Egypty
D. Turkey, Syria, Iran and Yemen