671. Who was the emperor of Japan during second World War __________?

A. Chiang Kai Shek
B. Taisho
C. Sin Ke Qiang
D. Hirohito

672. England fought second world war under the leadership of _________?

A. Winston Churchill
B. Roosevelt
C. Mountbatten
D. Clement Attlee

673. From which country Indonesia got independence in August 17, 1945?

A. Purtugal
B. Spain
C. Holland
D. Britain

674. Who laid the foundation of British Colonialism in India ____________ ?

A. Warren Hastings
B. Robert Clive
C. George Barlow
D. Lord Dufferin

675. Napoleon invaded Egypt in _________ ?

A. 1798
B. 1800
C. 1805
D. 1810

676. What does PUBG stands for _____?

A. Player Unknown Battle Grand
B. PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds
C. Player Unknown Battle Global
D. None of these

677. Council of Westphalia was by nature a _________ ?

A. Strategic alliance
B. International treaty
C. Peace treaty
D. Defence treaty

678. Ottoman Caliphate was abolished in ___________ ?

A. 1924
B. 1923
C. 1921
D. 1920

679. League of Nations was founded in which year ____________ ?

A. 1920
B. 1921
C. 1933
D. 1939

680. Battle of Gallipoli resulted in the victory of __________ ?

A. Turkey
B. Allied Powers
C. Ottomans
D. England