381. Keeping of Birds Called___________?

A. Apiculture
B. Aviculture
C. Viniculture
D. Viticulture

382. The first cloned animal was____________?

A. Goat
B. Cow
C. Rat
D. Sheep 

383. ‘Quwwat ul-Islam’ Mosque is in_______________?

A. Kabul
B. Agra
C. Lahore
D. Delhi 

384. Which of the following is world’s 5th largest country (by area)?

A. Argentina
B. United States of America
C. Brazil
D. Kazakhstan

385. Who was called “The Desert Fox”?

A. Adolf Hitler
B. Gen. Erwin Rommel 
C. Williams Roger’s
D. Sir. Robert Rogers

386. Bo-Kaap is Historic character and Heritage located in__________?

A. Zimbabwe
B. South Africa 
C. Zambia
D. Nepal

387. How many Countries Are the Members Of NATO?

A. 30
B. 29
C. 28
D. 27

388. Origin of ‘Modren Globaliztion’ i.e Globalization of 20th/21st century can mainly be credited to_________?

A. Industrial Revolution
B. Bretton Woods Conferences
C. Word Trade Organization
D. None of the above.

389. Isthmus is___________?

A. A lagoon
B. An inland Sea
C. An island in a river
D. Narrow piece of land  connecting larger land areas

390. Duckworth Lewis method in cricket was introduced after 1992 Cricket World Cup by___________?

A. Frank Duckworth
B. Tony Lewis
C. Jhon Lewis & Allen Duckworth
D. Both A & B