761. Which is the national flower of Malaysia ?

A. Poinciana Delonix
B. Bunga Raya(Hibiscus rosa-sinensis)
C. Pink Rose
D. Opium Poppy

762. Which is the national flower of Macedonia ?

A. Poinciana Delonix
B. Bunga Raya
C. Pink Rose
D. Opium Poppy

763. Juba is the capital of ___________ ?

A. Spain
B. Suriname
C. South Sudan
D. Somalia

764. All powers to the Soviets” is the slogan given by ___________?

A. Vladimir Putin
B. Adolf Hitler
C. Vladimir Lenin
D. None of these

765. Valentia Island is off the coast of which country?

A. Ireland
B. Finland
C. New zealand
D. Poland

766. What do you call the offspring of an elephant, walrus and a whale?

A. Cub
B. Calf
C. Pup
D. Fawn

767. Russia observed its independence day every year on__________?

A. June 5
B. June 12
C. June 20
D. June 25

768. Archery is a national game of__________?

A. Bhutan
B. Pakistan
C. India
D. Nepal

769. Where is headquarter of European Union?

A. Vienna
B. Brussels
C. Tirana
D. Yerevan

770. Which is the national Flower of Liberia ________ ?

A. Pomegranate Blossom
B. Oxeye Daisy
C. Yellow Lily
D. Pepper