501. Darren Sammy a famous cricket player was born in_________________?

A. Saint Lucia
B. Jamaica
C. South Africa
D. none

502. World’s oldest living man belongs to Japan whose name is__________?

A. Antonio Todde
B. Masazo Nonaka
C. None of these

503. What is the name of the storm which hit the United Kingdom in February 2020?

A. Storm Habin
B. Storm Kyar
C. Storm Cirar
D. Storm Dennis

504. VRT is news Channel of ___________?


505. The Quranic surah Al-Ikhlas means __________?

A. The politeness
B. The Purity
C. The Straight path
D. The character

506. Fatimid Caliphate came to end in_________AD.

A. 1179 A.D
B. 1189 A.D
C. 1171 A.D
D. 1258 A.D

507. who was the Last Fatimid Caliph?

A. Al-Adid
B. Ubaidallah Mahdi
C. Al_Mustansir
D. Badar Jamali

508. Ḥamid Muḥammad ibn Muḥammad aṭ-Ṭusiy al-Ġazaliy (Imam Ghazali) was a _________origin.

A. Turk
B. Kurd
C. Arab
D. Persian

509. National day of the Islamic country Sudan is observed on ______________?

A. 1 January
B. 2 January

C. 6 January
D.28 January

510. The Heisman Trophy Presented in which Sport?

A. Hockey
B. Football
C. Table Teniss
D. Baseball