301. Dome of Rock is located in?

A. Jerusalem
B. Lebanon
C. Jordan
D. Iraq

302. Birth place of Sultan Salahuddin Ayubi?

A. Iran
B. Iraq
C. Turky
D. Egypt

303.Who has won the most Formula 1 titles?

A. Sebastian Vettel
B. Michael Schumacher
C. Lewis Hamilton
D. Jim Clark

304. Who is known as the Father of Modern Football?

A. John Cruff
B. Charles Alcock
C. E.C Morley
D. Pele

305. Who is known as the father of cricket?

B. W.G Grace
C. Allen Pardew
D. Brandon Hills

306. The first Men’s Twenty20 International match was held on 17 Feb, 2005 at Eden Park between New zealand and___________?

A. England
B. South Africa
C. Australia
D. West Indies

307. The first Twenty20 International match was held on 5 August 2004 between England and__________?

A. Australia
B. South Africa
C. New Zealand
D. West indies

308. Who hit the first six in the history of cricket in 1898?

A. Allen Hill
B. Joe Darling
C. Gubby Allen
D. Edward Mathew

309. Canada, the world’s second largest country by area, has how many provinces?

A. 5 provinces and 3 territories
B. 8 provinces and 3 territories
C. 10 provinces and 3 territories
D. 12 province and 3 territories

310. What is the theme of World Wildlife Day 2020?

A.The future of wildlife is in our hands
B. Listen to the young voices
C. Sustaining all life on Earth
D. Big Cats
E. Life below Water: for People and Planet